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What's new in March 2017 ?

Well, this excellent video of Eddie in Florida a few days ago.

I had great fun recently with my "new best friend" James filming in Birmingham.

JamesLook out for the "future cars" feature that is part of his excellent "Cars of the People" TV show. 

I don't normally do TV or media stuff with Amphicar but made an exception for James because of his reputation. I'm glad I did, he is knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, considerate and hilariously funny, just, all round, a top bloke !

Other big news is Disney, anyone can now rock up at the Boathouse in Disney Orlando and buy a 20 minute Amphicar ride, that's good, share the fun and all that, but it does mean an interweb Amphicar search now returns boatloads of shakey short phone recordings of youths making that wierd horn sign with their fingers and say words like cool, awesome, radical and even sick. (I think "sick" might refer to the 1965 channel crossing.)  Anyway, more about Disney here.

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