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Not Amphicar !

These links point to information about amphibious vehicles that are not the Amphicar. There have been a surprising number, certainly more than 100 over the years.

A friend in the Netherlands had put together this excellent list of pretty much all of them amphibiousvehicles.net


The first Amphibian that feels more speedboat than hippo !  It really does wizz around on the water. On the road it drives OK - probably slightly better than Amphicar. No doors and so limited use as a car and the centre steering position is a bit odd. There have been some major technical challenges for Gibbs but appear mostly sorted.  After a press launch in 2004 a few cars were built in the UK but non delivered to customers.

In 2007 there were reports that Gibbs would start production of a modified Aquada in the USA. Current focus however seems to be on Amphibious quad bikes.

Gibbs are a very secretive company, no active marketing, promotion or press office and they don't return phone calls. Generally the press and certainly the general public, are not allowed to drive the vehicles. However we wish them well. 



One of the two new Amphibian options in the UK at the moment, details here at www.searoader.com business is owned by Mike Ryan.


The Dutton Mariner is the other option, details here www.amphijeep.biz  This business is owned by Tim Dutton. I've not driven a Dutton Amphibian for a few years. I understand there are agents in the USA and Germany.


The Landshark idea was a 3 wheeled Amphibian that combined the best features of jetski and motorcycle. 11 feet long, the 2 wheels at the front do the steering A 900cc engine and top speeds of 160mph on land and 50 knots on water. Website is www.landshark.co.uk


Often pronounced "duck" This is the American built amphibious truck. Very common in Europe during the second World War and some are still in use in the UK. Rex Ward is Duckman !


Amphibious Land Rover

There have been a few amphibious landrovers but none ever officially sold.

This one is in the Duxford museum in the UK. The floats are made of rubber and are inflated with exhaust gas. 




In 1950 an Australian, Ben Carlin and his wife Elinore drove a 14ft long, ex WW2 Amphibious jeep into the sea near Halifax on the East coast of Canada. Carrying enough food for 30 days they headed East with nothing more than a compass and a dodgy old radio.

After 31 days at sea they reached the Azores, the journey then continued via the Canary Islands, Africa and the Sahara desert, Gibraltar, Spain, France and the UK. They then spent a couple of years here raising money for the second half of the trip via Europe, India, China, Japan, The Aleutian Islands, Alaska then across Canada and the USA finally finishing back in Halifax in 1957, a total of 39,000 miles by land and 9600 miles by water.

During the trip Carlin suffered hurricanes, shark attack, explosions, mechanical failure, piracy, bureaucracy, illness, starvation, poverty and even divorce ! A paperback book of this adventure called "Half-Safe around the World" was published in 1990. (isbn 1-871948-91-6). Highly Recommended !

An original Amphibious Jeep


Halfsafe in Mid Atlantic

More information on Halfsafe is available here