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60 Reasons why I like the Amphicar

I recently came across an article written by an Amphicar sales agent about 30 years ago. It is called "60 REASONS WHY I LIKE THE AMPHICAR". Some of the reasons are a bit suspect. I will add the writers justification for each of them in the next revision of this document !


1. "Road clearance, 2 inches greater than a Jeep, make it an ideal off-road vehicle; a low first gear also contributes to its off-road capabilities"

2. "Rear engined traction for "go" in mud and snow"

3. "Handles well even on windy days"

4. "Steering is as easy-turning as power steering, 2.5 turns lock to lock"

5. "The tyres are even more oversize than other imported cars, tyre life approaching 100,000 miles should not be difficult"

6. "Excellent, easy shifting 4-speed transmission made by the makers of the world renowned Porsche transmission"

7. "Trunk space is roomy for a rear engined car"

8. "The car has a turning circle of 36feet for "U turn ability""

9. "Much hand craftsmanship goes into the manufacture of the Amphicar"

10. "The car is truly fabulous in the water and remarkably stable even in 58mph winds on large waters"

11. "It takes 18 steps to have a day of boating the conventional way but only 3 steps the Amphicar way"

12. "Because the Amphicar is an enclosed car one can go boating in complete comfort 9 or more months per year"

13. "One must have a large and expensive boat to get the luxury interior features of the Amphicar"

14. "Are you splurging when you buy an Amphicar ? When one looks over the oversize quality features of the Amphicar one quickly realises the answer is "no". The car will save the owner at least $2000 in 10 years, or if the savings are banked in advance, $2800. It literally pays for itself !"

15. "Oversize cooling system"

16. "Oversize oil capacity, plus sports car oil cooler"

17. "Oversize brakes with special waterproof linings"

18. "Oversize horsepower/displacement ratio for longer engine life. Large 70 cu. in. displacement for its 43 hp output size"

19. "The Amphicar delivers the fuel economy of a Volkswagen"

20. "Interior is roomy with more stretch-out legroom than that of a Cadillac, Lincoln, or Imperial"

21. "The body is the same thickness as the bumpers on many cars; steel heavier than 18 gauge is used, compared to 20-21 gauge on conventional cars"

22. "Road salt will have a hard time rusting the double-heavy steel body through. The smooth fender wells and underside have no pockets where salt can accumulate"

23. "The car is like one big bumper guard so it offers maximum safety in a collision"

24. "Two exclusive door latches on each door instead of just one contribute to it's land and water safety"

25. "Unitised body with enclosed frame for safety and freedom from rattles"

26. "Gas tank location in rear of trunk is much safer than on other rear engined cars"

27. "The engine stays new-car clean as it is in an enclosed compartment"

28. "With no grille to clean a car wash takes less time"

29. "The entire interior including the upholstery is of waterproof washable material"

30. "The upholstery in an imported car is usually of much heavier material than in a US car as the average owner keeps his car longer overseas"

31. "No danger of poisonous exhaust fumes entering the passenger compartment as the entire system is in the engine compartment and not under the passenger compartment floor"

32. "The muffler should last longer as it is above the engine and cannot be harmed by road salt, dampness, or stones"

33. "The car steering tie rods are protected by a steel plate"

34. "Pleasing styling without annual styling changes; present styling has been used over 5 years"

35. "As bug free as can be - in production for over 5 years, plus many years of pre-production testing"

36. "Four Fender visibility from drivers seat for easy manoeuvring in congested places"

37. "Completely flat floor, door to door. No transmission or driveshaft hump

38. "The conveniently sized car, just 170 inches long"

39. "Top quality 4 coat marine paint finish"

40. "Numerous extras at no extra cost such as white walls, reversing lights, clock and reclining seats"

41. "Comparably equipped, cost suprisingly little more than a Volkswagen convertible"

42. "Bumpers look ridiculous but aren't. They match the US bumper heights perfectly front and rear. Bumper guards are available"

43. "Ultra-safe as a boat with stability in high winds and waves"

44. "A high capacity bilge pump and bilge blower are standard"

45. "Navigation lights front and rear"

46. "Marine horn on hood"

47. "Double seals and double door locks on doors give added water safety"

48. "Has four wheel independent coil spring suspension system"

49. "A great economy car; when one adds up all the "oversize" features ranging from gasoline economy to body durability"

50. "Triumph Herald Engine. An overly durable engine which was used in the Triumph Sedan. Made by Standard Triumph of England, makers of engines for European industrial and automotive use. A Triumph engine to be used in Swedish SAAB soon. Standard Triumph sells more sports cars than an other company in the world."

51. "The Amphicar has ample reserve speed above legal speed limits"

52. "Reading about Amphicar owners is like reading a "who's who" list. President Johnson has owned 2 Amphicars; his press secretary Salanger also owns one"

53. "Unlicensed children can drive the Amphicar - in water that is !"

54. "Nationwide service network. Increased in size by 123% last year. In addition 570 Triumph dealers can service the car"

55. "The Amphicar is no more expensive to maintain than an ordinary economy car when used on land, and slight more when used on water"

56. "The Amphicar corporation is a sound company. It owns much of Mercedes Benz, even Mercedes Benz hub caps fit the Amphicar perfectly"

57. "The car is guaranteed fully whether used in fresh or salt water, it has a 6 month or 6000 mile warranty"

58. "Low licence plate fees"

59. "Large 13 gallon fuel tank means fewer stops for gasoline, gives an 80 mile range on water"

60. "Amphicar costs only $2700 yet is worth the cost of a $2000 car and a $2000 14 foot boat, even better it has the features of a much more expensive 22 foot boat."